Tomorrowland 2012 Official After Movie

Okay, so I know that this featurette has been available for a little over a week now. I would’ve posted it sooner, but I’ve been too busy immersing myself in the video, which is still on repeat. One of the few distinguishable differences between European and American EDM festivals is that Europeans tend to focus slightly more on beautifully intricate stage design and adding general mystique, whereas Americans across the pond prioritize breathtaking visual displays utilizing the fullest extent of technological breakthroughs slightly more.

At least until this. Hailed as the Coachella of Europe (on a scale larger than even Coachella), Tomorrowland continues a treasured tradition of releasing recap videos, this year with the help of Epic Cinema. The partnership with Epic culminated in a release that isn’t simply concert recap footage, but is instead a feature film wrapped up into 20 minutes. To give you an idea, there were literally “Tomorrowland” branded planes charted from over 50 countries. You’ll see what I mean once you press play. I still get goosebumps each time I watch it.

After having seen this, can you think of another event or festival that generates such intense emotions and passion from such a large group of diverse people? I can’t.

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