Timothy Saccenti’s School of Seven Bells

Let’s face it.  The rise of the digital phenomenon has forever changed the way humans view…, well, everything.  In a literal example, the art of photography is no longer only about taking a picture with a camera.  There is often more time (and sometimes thought) spent in retouching an image, than in generating the actual shot.  Rather than lament the change in perception, I am excited to see what the union of technology and talent will bring.  Timothy Saccenti, a renowned portrait photographer, partnered up with Holographic Thorns and Q Studios, two stellar retouching (aka digital witchcraft) experts, to shoot sensational images for the School of Seven Bells.

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Dubstep Dispute

Happened upon this gem the other day. It’s an entertaining examination of sentient robots from a few years from now, and how they resolve conflict within the group.

Robopsychology courtesy

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