Justice – New Lands (Music Video)

I’m gonna be real, I don’t care much for Justice‘s music.  I recognize their contributions to the electro sound, but I just don’t appreciate their sound as much as the majority of the EDM scene.  Maybe that’s only because I haven’t seen them live yet; I also used to not care for Armin (and hot damn did that change in a hurry) until I physically saw him perform.

That being said, this new production is exceptional all-around. Accompanying a solid electro-rock composition by Justice with vocals reminiscent of prior hit “DVNO” is a superbly intricate video. Rather than feature the usual festival footage (or hip-hop’s tried and true method of cash, cars, and video vixens), Spanish directing collective “CANADA” instead chose to create a new sport from scratch, and film what appears to be a substantially important match (maybe the championship?), complete with an exploration of shadowy back-room gambles riding on the game. The game itself is an amalgam of a variety of sports, including elements of baseball, lacrosse, American football, roller derby – with rollerskaters and motorcyclists, and a magic pitching cannon straight from American Gladiators.

Interestingly, the music video itself only occupies half of the video’s 7 minute duration. The last 3-4 minutes are devoted entirely to naming the minds that went into the creative process, essentially the music video’s own ‘end credits’. Although end credits tend to just be scrolling text with the theme song overlayed, in this circumstance the credits are almost another unique production. There’s a delectable ambient soundscape weaving throughout a fascinating animated journey of line designs. I highly recommend you watch the full video.

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