Custom Nikes for Watchmen and a Magician

Sekure D, a prolific custom sneaker artist, has recently been infatuated with crafting high-top Nikes based around dramatized, or flat-out fictional, characters. A huge fan of the Watchmen graphic novel, Sekure D is working his way through a “Watchmen x Air Jordan” series, and its brilliant.

The Comedian

Dr. Manhattan


Lastly, the lid mentions a Magician, and I’m sure you’re clamoring to find out the deets. Yesterday Sekure D released the first images of a collab project for Australian magician and illusionist Cosentino. For people outside of AU, Cosentino is of comprable stature with Criss Angel, and his “The Grand Illusionist” show was recently rated as Australia’s most watched program. Sekure cites both magic and steampunk influences in designing the kicks, two of my favorite areas to find thought-provoking creativity.

Bonus fun fact; I’m named after the G.O.A.T.

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