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Jay Lumen – Beat Drops (Take Me to the Garage) [Original Mix]

Hungarian based tech-house virtuoso Jay Lumen released a series of heaters yesterday on Amsterdam’s longest running record label, 100%Pure, for his Play Cool The Old School EP. On this EP, Jay rocks classic House top sounds overlaid on sexy, spacey melodies. The tracks are a welcome dose of massive #techyes, and follow a massive performance at Space Miami over the weekend. The final track, Beat Drops (Take Me To The Garage) is a groovy dancefloor filler from start to finish, and Jay Lumen flips the vibe after the second drop for a tasty sound experience into Jack Beats progressive-wobble territory.

100% Pure Jay Lumen

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Open Source 3D Printers

One of my favorite indulgences is to look at a piece of technology and imagine what it might be capable of in a decade. For example, the Generation 1 “1000 songs in your pocket” black and white iPod was released in October 2001.

Melaudic Applause iPod

A decade later (to the month, by the way), we met Siri on the iPhone 4S. Think about that for a moment. In 2001, a digital mp3 player was groundbreaking and forever changed the way music was listened to. A decade later, we have artificial intelligence in our pockets alongside 50,000 songs, books, movies, apps, and even a telephone too I’m told.

Now, another Generation 1 technology is beginning to flourish that has the capacity to forever alter our perception of the world. 3-dimensional printers. Best of all, their design is open-source. Open-source, as anyone not employed by the RIAA will tell you, is widely recognized as the single fastest way to advance development. In simple terms, there’s a lot less red tape and profiteering standing in the way because the creators freely give away their blueprints and designs so that other creators can then collectively gain knowledge to further create and share.

Separate teams in America and Belgium have already presented some amazing initial uses of these printers. Unfold, a Belgian collective from Antwerp, has transformed the art of pottery by creating a digital device that registers human interaction, allowing people to digitally mold clay into a desired form, which is then literally printed, in clay, before the viewer’s eyes.

On this side of the pond, a team at Cornell University has created the Fab@Home project. This team has devised a way to print edible food, and hopes to make food printers as ‘ubiquitous as the microwave’ with an eventual expected retail cost of only about $700. Imagine being able to craft a family recipe that your descendants can recreate exactly from the digital recipe you left to them, even hundreds of years later. Now imagine what this technology might look like in a decade.

It gives me goosebumps.

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Inc. Releases Debut Album “no world”

Inc. no world debut album

Brothers Daniel and Andrew Aged have just released their debut full-length album entitled “no world” on 4AD Records. Blending their love of soulful RnB with tricked-out sounds, Inc.’s sound is at once mellow and striking, with airy vocals from Andrew and deep production nuances from Daniel. The brothers are celebrating their release with a whirlwind European tour this April. Enjoy their smoothed out sounds and support their music on iTunes.

Stream: Inc, No World

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Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix)

One half of Drum n Bass group Instra:mental, UK-based Damon Kirkham has created a new project which embraces a new sonic range in the world of techno and electro. Producing and performing as Jon Convex, he creates eloquently groovy tunes that have been supported by the likes of Claude VonStroke, Gessafelstein, and Skream. Jon Convex’s arpeggiated rendition of Jimmy Edgar’s “Sex Drive” is one of his most brilliant tracks to date, and is available via Hotflush Records.

Hotflush Records Jon Convex

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Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy – This1 That1 (Original Mix)

Fresh from being featured on the 2012 “iTunes Dance Album of the Year” with Moda Black, Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy‘s titular tune unleashes mental low-end percussion within a sexy tech-house framework.

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