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Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy – This1 That1 (Original Mix)

Fresh from being featured on the 2012 “iTunes Dance Album of the Year” with Moda Black, Nick Monaco & Kill Frenzy‘s titular tune unleashes mental low-end percussion within a sexy tech-house framework.

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Nick Bertke is an artisan with sights and sounds, masterfully reworking famous movie clips into musical compositions. Utilizing dozens to hundreds of small loops, Bertke’s alterego “Pogo”, piece together the sound content from the clips into a montage wonderfully disguised as a song. He then further composes the looped images (with sound bytes) into a fascinating visual experience. I can’t even fathom the amount of time that goes into each half of the work, but Pogo has mangaged to publish over thirty projects, and counting. Releases include “Pulp Fiction“, Scooby Doo, and Disney’s “Up“. Speaking of Disney, listen carefully during “Upular” and tell me if you can discerne the hidden message.

Each one of these videos is breathaking, I highly recommend watching them all. The next one may be from a generation that doesn’t jive with EDM, but it’s a brilliant show and concept all the same.

Notable Comment: “With childrens’ shows like this, it’s no wonder my generation all grew up stoners” Also; “Skrillex is a band, they are good. Check them out.” Swear.

View more videos here

Download all songs for any sized donation here

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V Motion Project Revolutionizes VJing

Utilizing laser tracking technology through two Kinect devices, The V-Motion project from New Zealand captures each movement and action of the performer and ties these to sound generators or effects in Ableton Live. It took a very very dedicated and diverse team of technological wizards to build this program from concept to crazy cool. Even better, this technology is currently Generation 1 (if even attaining that level), so imagine how this might look in a few years’ time.

Okay, so it’s beyond cool. Especially when you consider that this is how it all began:

V Motion System Diagram

V Motion VJ Gear Green Man

On an interesting side note, the client for this project was New Zealand soft-beverage manufacturer Frucor. Who’dve guessed.

Frucor V Energy

For a fascinating discussion from the project leads on their own experiences creating this technology, check out the following articles:

V Motion Tech: How We Built It
V Motion: The Visuals


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Doorly Feat Soraya Vivian – Rush (Original Mix)

Off of the most recent Jeffree’s [MAD DECENT] release, Doorly, formerly known for his work in dubstep, comes out with this epic tech track, Rush.

Doorly Rush Album Artwork

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Discover more of his vibe at Doorly’s Soundcloud

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